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Contractors involved with general land or field-based operations, general agricultural contractors and specialist ground crop spraying members. The two partners will build the infrastructure through a competitive selection process, acting as general contractor. In the first two years after the joint venture is founded, Glasfaser NordWest will designate the expansion areas in advance. The two parent companies, Deutsche Telekom and EWE, will carry out the upgrades. After this period, Glasfaser NordWest will also offer the expansion areas for bidding by third parties through a selection process. Once the lines have been laid, EWE, Deutsche Telekom, and all other interested telcos will compete directly for the respective customers. Agricultural and amenity land drainage. Sports fields, golf courses and land drainage management systems. This is the fourth instalment in the Back To Business Webinar series, we were joined by Agricultural Consultant with Holmes Sackett, Hilary Beech, who discussed the various aspects for those undertaking infrastructure investment for a rebuild phase to consider. Issues discussed included prioritisation of investment, how to determine if your investment is going to give you a good return on investment (ROI), investing in profit generating, and efficiency optimising activities or infrastructure. Hilary also discusses strategies for temporary measures for shelter, water infrastructure investment, and illustrated a case study where laneway construction vs satellite yards were investigated.

Wärme-Contracting eignet sich für alle Sanierungs- und Bauprojekte von Unternehmen – unabhängig ob Ihr Verbrauch relativ klein ist oder sogar 250.000 kWh pro Jahr übersteigt, und unabhängig davon ob Sie eine neue Heizungsanlage für Ihren Neubau mieten möchten oder in einer Bestandsimmobilie die Sanierung Ihrer Heizung planen. Wir tauschen Ihre vorhandene Heizanlage aus oder unterstützen Sie bereits bei der Planung Ihres Wärmebedarfs für Ihren Neubau. Dabei beraten wir Sie herstellerunabhängig. Für Sie fallen keine initialen Kosten an. So können Sie sicher kalkulieren – ein großer Vorteil für Ihr Bau- oder Sanierungsvorhaben.

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