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Schuylkill Valley School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

As a newcomer to the school district, Fisher said he has 25 years of experience in industrial maintenance that will help in his new position. Due to external issues with Google and Zoom, school is delayed today, Monday, December 14. We will update the duration of the delay as soon as possible. Do you want to donate blood during the holidays and have the chance to win a grand prize? Please see the attached leaflet for more information and contact Kelly Mousquet in kmusket@schuylkillvalley.org with any questions. In the summer of 2011, the county administration did not request school improvement grants from the federal government (more than $9.9 million available). High school and college were eligible due to chronically poor performance and Title I status I. The scholarship provides that the funds will be used to improve student performance with one in four state-dictated strategies. The strategies are: transformation, rotation, restart with new faculties and administration or closure of failing schools. [127] In August 2011, the Pennsylvania Department of Education provided $66 million for the reform of pennsylvania`s worst-performing schools. The aid is three years.

[128] [129] In 2010, Pennsylvania received $141 million from the federal and U.S. Departments of Education to reverse its lowest-performing schools. The funds were disbursed through a competitive support program. [131] The Pennsylvania Department of Education has identified 200 Pennsylvania schools as “the worst performing” in Pennsylvania, so they can benefit from this specific funding. [132] Pennsylvania asked low-performing schools to apply or provide documentation on why they did not apply. The funds are to be used by the borough to reverse the formation in one of four ways: school closure, restart – school closure and reopening as a charter school. The other two options include triggering the principle. It would be required that at least half of the faculty be licensed in a chronically underperforming school. The second includes intensive teacher training, combined with a major revision of the curriculum or a longer school day. [133] On Thursday, the governing board completed two major orders and brought down its new administrative team.

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