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Sangla Ng Lupa Agreement

In accordance with Article 2134 of the New Civil Code, in order to be effective in an anti-Chresis contract, it should be written whether the amount of capital or the amount of money borrowed and the profit calculated is written here and signed by both parties, the creditor and the creditor. If not written, the hosting contract does not perform well. “We had 4 doors from the apartment atty and we entered a “residence”, where we have P200,000 and rent to the 2-door apartment that they were charged with renting as a pipeline fee. We didn`t want to pay them a year, but for a year, we wanted to pay them to the director, but we wouldn`t sign anything. Is that what you legally want? If you want to consult “residence” problems with debts or the correct provision of profit on loans, register and register my website and www.e-lawyersonline.com. Someone asks E-Lawyers Online if “residence” is legal and how much profit to pay here. An E-Lawyers online reader said this: JUAN DELA CRUZ PEDRO DELOS SINGAPORE In response to these debts, an apartment is immersed in No.11 Acacia Street, Fembo, Makati City. The “home” is a contract in which the creditor is authorized by the creditor to receive rents or income from the house and country of debt and is paid for the benefit or interest of the debt. In general, in a residence, the total rent in a door or room is to be paid for the tube. If the debt is still not paid, he cannot recover the right to rent or income from his property. Such a contract is signed by law under section 2132 of the New Civil Code, it is called “Antichressis”.

Visit and love my FB E-Lawyers Online page. That`s the link www.facebook.com/E.Lawyers.Online. This can be renewed in accordance with the agreement between the Sinner and the Sinner. READ MORE, a notary, for and in the city of Makati, this January 7, 2014 appeared in person: Doc. No. ____Page no. ____Book ____Series 2014. .

This letter is agreed upon and implemented between section 2134. The amount of the contracting entity and interest are set in writing; otherwise, the Antichressis Treaty is in nullo. (n) If THE OFFENSE were to repay these debts in a timely manner, this letter is invalid and invalid. But if he cannot afford it, this writing will exist and impose it in the administration defined by law. IN FACT OF ALL, the two sides signed this letter today, January 4, 2014 in the city of Makati. Article 2132. Through the antichressis contract, the creditor acquires the right to receive the fruits of a real estate business from his debtor, with the obligation to apply them to the payment of interest when they are due and to the capital of his credit. (1881) JUAN DELA CRUZ SSS I.D. No 123 1-1-11/PETER DELOS SANTOS SSS I.D.


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