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Biden Good Friday Agreement

Mr Aiken said: “A border in the Irish Sea poses an existential threat to the agreement itself. This has been repeatedly ignored by the Irish government and it is time for it to respect the agreement instead of using it as a weapon during the Brexit negotiations. In some areas, “real progress” has been made, with the outline of a “possible final text” in areas such as criminal justice, goods and services, and transport. Steve Aiken, CEO of UUP, highlighted the threat to the agreement by placing a border in the Irish Sea. Goods arriving from GB to NI must be carrying a number of documents. Some supermarkets have warned that it will mean thousands of products that do not travel across the sea. “I think everyone understands the importance of this agreement and that before everything is said and done, it will ensure that it will be respected in any environment after Brexit.” But U.S. spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said there was “no chance” that a trade deal between Britain and the United States would go through the U.S. Congress if Britain violated international agreements, undermining the Good Friday agreement.

“The UK must comply with the Northern Ireland Protocol signed with the European Union to ensure the free movement of goods across the border.” If the UK violates this international treaty and Brexit undermines the Good Friday agreement, there will be absolutely no chance of a trade deal between the US and Britain going through Congress. Alexiou said Biden was particularly concerned about the Good Friday agreement because it is essential to the pursuit of peace. All this was easier when the UK was a member of the EU. But with its exit, the question arises as to what happens to goods between Ireland, a member of the EU single market, and the UK, which has ruled out staying in the internal market after Brexit. Under the withdrawal agreement, Ireland and Northern Ireland are seen as spokespersons for the internal market for European purposes, so there will be no customs controls at the Irish border. However, this requires a “maritime border” to prevent British goods from entering the EU via Ireland and underestimating products made in the EU. He said Express.co.uk: “Respect for the agreement, even after Brexit, is important for maintaining peace and stability in the region. That is why, as part of the agreement, there will be customs controls between Northern Ireland and Britain to protect the integrity of the EU internal market. This maritime border is a source of discontent and insecurity for trade unionists in Northern Ireland.

They believe that this undermines their status in the United Kingdom and see this as a step towards a united Ireland. They say a solution could be found if the EU and the Irish government were willing to compromise. The question of what happens to the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland has long been a sensitive point in the Brexit talks.

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